What is Intellectual Wealth and what does it mean to be intellectually wealthy?

Intellectual wealth is the total value of the resources you have to meet your individual human intellectual desires. Individual action is the currency of economic wealth according to

The Gardener

“When I began to see the results of long lasting blooms from season to season, I began to feel a sense of self worth and gratitude.”

So if your actions are producing a sufficient amount of action to meet or exceed your intellectual desires or sense of self, then you can be described as wealthy because you are producing a positive value in regards to your intellectual desires. If you are producing negative actions that are in turn producing a deficit in your intellectual desires, then you would describe that as intellectual deficiency. Individual action is not a term that can be packaged as a one size fits all theory because everyone has their own desires and will then take the steps needed to achieve those desires.

This term triggered a response in my mind as I grappled with the meaning of it. It was easy to understand the meaning of the term, but how does that relate to my sense of self. I can identify as a SapioSexual, but do I identify with being Intellectually Wealthy? That was a question that caused me to dig deeper within myself. First, I had to determine whether or not my basic needs were being met as an intellectual. That includes having the time to identify the actions in my everyday life that fulfills me intellectually. I evaluated some areas in my life that have a true impact on building and maintaining my intellect. I determined whether my place of work, home life, and relationships inside and outside of work were affording me the opportunities to be intellectually driven. Once I was able to pinpoint the things in my life that would satisfy my basic intellectual appetite, I had to make sure that I was balancing my intellectual needs and desires with my nonintellectual needs and desires. I enjoy reading and engaging in activities that challenge me even if there is no competition. The mere fact that I can be creative in my own realm and meet personal success is more than empowering, it’s invigorating! Was I creating the time to do these projects and meet the success I need to satisfy my intellectual desires?

It’s the minor and major accomplishments are the key to ensuring intellectual wealth. It is also the relationships that I build that propel me to meet success. My creativity and all the things that inspire me to be the best version of me are all the drive I need to be intellectually wealthy. For example, gardening is most satisfying to me because it is a hobby that allows me to experience the entire process of growing a small plant into a beautiful thriving species. I was never taught the intricacies of gardening. I just knew that as a new homeowner that I wanted to show pride of ownership in my property and in doing so, I had to keep my yard presentable. At first, I had so many plants die on me and I was wasting plenty of money. I had to figure out how to keep my plants from dying so quickly and how to keep the money in my pocket for other major home expenses. That is when I began to research that I was buying annuals that only lasted for the season and planting the wrong plants in the wrong areas (i.e in the sun when they were shade plants.) When I began to see the results of long lasting blooms from season to season, I began to feel a sense of self worth and gratitude. It was those small accomplishments that empowered me to learn more, inspire others and feel the success of being a homeowner. I wouldn’t call myself a master gardener just yet but eventually I will get there. Gardening is not only a skill, it’s an art. Now that I am able to successfully keep plants alive by applying what I learned and enjoying what I do, I can say that I have acquired intellectual wealth. It satisfies my intellectual needs and desires.

You may have a different example of what intellectual wealth means to you. Making time in your daily life to fulfill those intellectual needs and desires, whether it be just to have an intense conversation of some sort, writing, reading, or even gardening, will increase your opportunities to develop something great that will lead to your own success. Remember, to reach the state of intellectual wealth, use the resources you have at your disposal to create a world that is accelerating you forward intellectually. Then, use what you’ve learned to change the world!

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What collective resources do you have that makes you intellectually wealthy?

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