Cheers to finding the true YOU! Now identify with people all around the world who are as aswesome as you are.

Identifying as a SapioSexual means that you have gained awareness of your personality traits as a human being, attracted to other intellectual beings and you have built a lifestyle that is conducive to actively engaging in the promotion of independent and collaborative thought. Although all SapioSexuals share a common trait, primarily, their attraction to intellect. However, there are by far a number of characteristics that many SapioSexuals differ and may share as well. These major differences/similarities depend on individual interests, skills, competencies and abilities.

Our goals in life is to be the best of ourselves. That requires us to go deep within and find the thing we are passionate about. Take that passion and develop it into either a well paying job or business that can provide and support our lifestyles and ultimately help others along the way. We identify our passion by determining our interest, developing that interest into a skill by educating ourselves or perfecting it with training and experience, and we then gain the competencies needed to fulfill our life's purpose. What do we do well leads us to determine our gifts. Educators identify this theory as Garner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences from his 1983 book Frame of Mind.

If you are familiar with Garner’s Multiple intelligence Theory, you are aware that initially, there were seven intelligences that argued there were modalities of intelligence instead of what was known as a general intelligence. Subsequently, psychologists criticized his theory and argued that there was no empirical evidence and developed a wide range of tests that examined and measured the human abilities and competencies into what could be categorized as “IQ” and “Aptitude tests,” currently used to determine one’s job interest. In recent times, people also argue these aptitude tests are biased and hold no relevance on how to properly measure one’s interest, skills or abilities even though many institutions still use them today. These theories create a great starting point in identifying one’s intelligence or intellectual potential. However, in our modern world we see that people hold more than one type of intelligence. Therefore, we believe that using Garner’s Multiple Intelligence theory in addition to the intelligences that were later added and suggested by other psychologists, is a way for us to identify what is important to us independently and how we can use it to identify our SapioSexuality. For our own purposes, we will choose to indulge in only the intelligences or most dominant intellegence that we believe encompasses a specific category of interests.

Garner started out with seven intelligences, which includes musical-rhythmic and harmonic which appeals to you music lovers, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Then Garner proposed naturalistic, digital, teaching -pedagogical and existential but never truly committed to the later. Because we believe in one person having multiple intelligences, we will include all original seven plus the four as we know. In addition, we are now living in a digital age and know that we don’t have to be a member of a religious institution to be spiritually inclined. Now that you are familiar with the multiple intelligences, which intelligences do you identify with?

Long ago, people equated their livelihoods with one ability and that was based on what occupations a person’s parents had before them. Nowadays, people multitask in ways their ancestors never have before. Therefore, we are encouraging people to reach their fullest potential by identifying their true selves. For example, one person may be a great educator as a profession and have a life calling to educate others while also enjoys a hobby as a gardener, collectively identifying with two intelligences (teaching-pedagogical and naturalistic).

It is never too late to find your true self or even reinvent yourself to fulfill your life’s purpose. As you begin to identify your SapioSexuality, we hope that you encourage others to do the same. Join this movement as we inspire everyone to find their value and use it to change the world!

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