SapioSexuality Life is a lifestyle and intellectual platform for sapiosexuals. We connect individuals attracted to intellect in various networking enviornments and create  intellectual experiences from intoducing relevant topics from today's most news worthy events that captivates and influence our culture to discussing historical and political context as we navigate the past, present and future.  



Niyah B.


A mother, veteran, educator, leader, and a true SapioSexual. Niyah B. is a Brooklyn born native  that valued educational opportunities to change her circumstances. Her endeavours as an educator has contributed to the understanding that reading and literacy has the power to change one's self. That inspiration ultimately led to finding her passion and self-expression through various modalities such as writing and driving intellectual content to the media. A natural born educator, Niyah B. is able to use this platform to educate and discuss controversial topics all while providing an open space for like minded individuals to express themselves and collaborate. was established to create a movement that people with similar experiences can identify with. Bringing you content around embracing who you are and creating a community where people can participate in intellectually.


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Joe Michael


Pure strategist, charismatic, and creative genius isn’t something you normally would think when you talk about a bank robber. But in the case of Joe Michael Nickson, a South Central L.A. native, his ability to turn media nightmares into marketing miracles allowed him to turn his life around. Growing up in the home of a logistics expert and a caregiver, Joe developed skills that took him places he could never imagine and at the age of 25 he ended up in Federal Prison.


On June 6, 2005 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for having robbed 27 banks. While in prison he met Vincent Bragg who helped him to see the potential of his skills in the agency space and there they formed ConCreates. After 17.5 years, Joe has transitioned from navigating relationships inside to finessing marketing tactics on the outside.