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What is SapioSexuality?

Many people spend their lives searching for an identity, something or someone to identify with, or a place to belong. While others spend their entire lives associated with specific groups based on specific categories such as age group, race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, religious preferences, nationality, occupation, physical appearance, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc. There are a plethora of personality traits you can choose to identify with, but there is only one that defines who we are and what we represent.

So, what is SapioSexuality? SapioSexuality is a derivative from the term sapiosexual, used to describe people who are attracted to intellect. Specifically, a person attracted to intellect can be attracted to a particular person with a high intelligence level or  the processes, creativity and competencies necessary to birth a set of ideals in which we live by today. When describing the term sapiosexual, we think of the word in terms of what we identify with. Being a person attracted to high intelligence. Therefore, we relate to being a sapiosexual. 

SapioSexuality is therefore defined as a lifestyle and/or personality trait innately characteristic of the attraction to intellect and encourages independent and collaborative intelligence. As a lifestyle, sapiosexuals feed off creativity and independent thought. Our minds are guided by higher thinking and our creativity feeds off being amongst people with similar thought patterns and energy levels. Subsequently, leading to a lifestyle that promotes civic and societal engagement and encourages people to think about the way creative thought contributes to the world we live in.

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